A Complete Step-By-Step Map Of All Your Launch Assets


Know Exactly What Messaging Notes To Hit  & When To Share Each Piece Of Copy


Scoop up instant access to a launch map that guides you through every step of your launch funnel, including all social posts, FB ads and 35+ emails, so you always know what to write next.

Inside the free launch map, you’ll get...

An Editable Copy-By-Copy Google Docs Overview you each step from list-building to pre-launch, launch event to the open cart sales, and the important post-purchase period

A Walk-Through Of My Heart-to-Heart Messaging Strategy you can get a peek of how I collect all the data for my private copy clients and use it to write launch copy that leads with human connection

An Overview Of When To Post or Send

...write the copy asset and know the exact timing for sending the email or posting the social or FB ad content



All that gives you an organized strategy you can ‘personalize, tweak, and repeat’ for each and every launch.



Hi, I’m Sara Vartanian!

Launch Copywriter & Strategist

When I’m not lost in my latest book series obsession, or planning another family getaway to the lake...’ll find deep in listening mode with my launch clients and the humans they love working with most.


Because just like there's more behind ME there's more behind the humans you serve.


And it’s through those heart-to-heart conversations that I can create a launch map that genuinely infuses human connection into every phase of the launch copy, so people feel deeply seen, heard, and understood.


Since 2016, I’ve helped dozens of coaches, consultants, and course creators put human connection at the heart of their launches–starting with putting together a step-by-step map.


And that’s exactly what I'll support you to do using my free, customizable launch copy map.

Never wonder what to write for your launch again!

You kept scrolling. I like that about you. 

Let me reward you with a sneak peek…

Because I know you’ve signed over your email for many freebies over the years, only to be disappointed with a Canva PDF that gave you hardly any info.

I promise you The Launch Maps aren’t that. 
My OBM literally walked off-screen when I showed her what I was giving away for free. This is the exact Launch Map template I use for every single one of my 1-on-1 clients.