Social Strategy Plan

A focused social media marketing strategy plan that helps  your brand shine online, plus 2 weeks of ready-to-use social content.

You know you need to post on social media regularly,

and not just about your latest offer, but…

You’re not sure what to actually share that’ll connect with your customers, and you don’t have the time to figure it out. 

You’re busy building your business, but without nurturing your social channels, you’re going to work harder to find the people who are ready to buy from you.

As a social media strategist, I’ll work with you to make your time online effective.


What if you could

Finally feel like your social media presence was working for you.

(It’s possible, and isn’t that hard, doesn’t take tons of time, or cost a lot of money).

An intentional social media marketing plan will bring you warm leads from customers who connect with your brand’s story and adore your values. 

Here's what you'll get

A thoughtfully prepared social media roadmap that will make your marketing work for you, in a way you can actually manage while you run your business and live your life.

  • One-on-one time with a social media strategist
  • A step-by-step social media plan guiding you towards your marketing goals
  • 14 days of social media content, created and scheduled for you

How I'll Get You There

Step One:
Your welcome kit

You’ll receive a Social Media Strategy Welcome Kit as soon as your strategy plan is booked. Inside you’ll find a questionnaire, a mini to-do list, and links to where you’ll share photos, images, and other brand assets. All this will be completed ahead of our consultation call.

Step Two: 
Your consultation call

Your marketing needs to be tied to goals to measure its effectiveness. During our 60-minute call, we’ll talk about yours. We’ll also walk through your Welcome Kit, and I’ll share my initial suggestions for your social plan.

Step Three:
Your inspiration board

After a deep dive into your website and current social channels, I’ll share with you a social media inspiration board focusing in on one social media channel. Think about this step as a lovely peek into what’s to come.  You’ll get one round of changes.

Step Four:
Your social media strategy plan

Relax while I put together your social media plan which includes suggestions to improve your social marketing and 2 weeks worth of ready-to-use social content. 


Plus, a bonus call to set you up for success. A few days after you receive your plan, we’ll meet for a 60-minute call to review your questions and make sure you feel confident using the tools needed to create and post your social media online.

social strategy testimonial

“Working with Sara has been absolutely amazing!  Since starting with her I have had an increase in followers and engagement on social media and I feel clearer about my brand and messaging.  As a relative social media newbie, Sara walked me through the process and gave me the confidence to actually implement the strategies we created. The experience has been extremely positive and I have gotten so much value from her social media plan.  Highly recommend!” Allison M., Sweetpea Nutrition

Start seeing results

Stop guessing what to post online. You need an intentional social media marketing plan. 

Hi! I'm Sara,
Your social media strategist

As a creative social media strategist and content creator for brands and businesses who do good in the world, I know how to identify the heart of a business and create a social strategy that connects with customers.

I consult and manage social media channels, content creation and influencer campaigns for brands and businesses large and small across North America.  

Here’s what I know to be true: Beyond the curated Instagram feed, helpful blog posts and catchy videos, identifying goals is the key to measuring social media success, allowing you to be intentional about creating content that truly connects with the customers you love to serve.

This is for you if...

  • You want to focus on 1-2 social channels really well
  • You're handling your own social media and marketing
  • You're willing to dedicate time every month to tracking your results, and creating content with the help of a social media plan

This is not for you if...

  • You want to have a presence on every social media channel
  • You want someone to handle social media for you
  • You're not comfortable, and unwilling, to learn how to create your own images, and engage socially online

“Working with Sara has been a smart business move for us. We have experienced substantial growth with our Pinterest account. Her quick response in recognising viral content has pushed our views to a whole new level. Sara has helped us grow our presence on Pinterest by providing us with a roadmap of steps to take in the time we worked with her, this helped us understand what part we could play in our own growth.”  Andrea & Maria, The Best Organic Skin Care

Maximize your time

Get a social media strategy plan that’s purposefully crafted to meet your marketing goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to put this plan into action on my own? Yes! Between our calls, the step-by-step guide you’ll receive, and sometimes even a few made-for-you how to videos, you’ll be handling your social media like the boss you are.

I’m maxed on time. How long will I need to spend on my social each day? To get the best results from your social media plan, you’ll need to allocate time each day (even 15 minutes) to actually get social. That said, with some upfront planning and scheduling time each month, you can minimize the time you spend online.


Will I need to spend money on apps and photos? Sometimes. As a social media strategist, I know tons of free social media tools and I’ll share my tips for sourcing free, or low-cost photos. Rest assured, the plan will work within your budget.

I want this plan yesterday. How long does it take? The whole process to create your social media strategy plan usually takes about 3 weeks. Although we’ll move quickly, you’ll need to complete your Welcome Kit, and I need time to deep dive into your website and social media channels.

“Sara is knowledgeable and thorough in all aspects of social media planning and consultation. I really appreciated how much time she spent gathering insight into my business practices and catering a package that would suit my needs and target my social media goals. She is also easy to get in touch with and an excellent communicator.  I would not hesitate to use her services again and recommend her to anyone.”  Liz H., Stroller Spa Toronto

Connect with your customers

Start posting with purpose.

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