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In business there's no shortage of fake it 'til you make it advice ⁠


But the one thing that needs a solid plan behind it is the words you're using to woo your clients.

⁠If you don’t think of them first, before writing any copy or content than you’re going to be about 15 degrees off from what they actually need to hear from you.

That’s what my private clients discover when working through The Copy Playbook with me. ⁠ 

So, if you’ve created a freebie opt-in that feels like a fail, or are feeling frozen with indecision about what to write, or are relying mainly on referrals to bring you business...

...then let me share this with you: “Your clients are spilling their feelings and needs all over the internet. You simply need to listen."

The easiest way to get the people you want to serve to show up and stick around, is to use your words to show them you get them, and that you have a solution to help.

Imagine feeling confident every time you created an offer or pushed send on an email. You would...


✔ Know exactly what type of freebie would lead to your dream clients signing up to your list (and you could create it oh-so-fast)

✔ Whip up your next newsletter in less time that it takes to drink a cup of tea (because you actually listened to exactly what your clients have been saying) 

✔ Email a new offer to your list and know that you'll soon hear the sweet sound of Stripe or Paypal notifications (and you can relax to the melody of money well-earned)

✔ Handle any sales objections with ease and grace (since you already know how you can help ease your client's biggest worries)


The Copy Playbook is designed to make it simple to write words that connect to your ideal clients so you can make them feel deeply seen and heard and make more sales.

And to help you keep your words organized so you can easily find and use them every time you write.

What you'll get inside the course...

✔ Short training videos showing you exactly how to gather and identify the words your clients are using

✔ Exercises and examples you can use to discover your clients biggest pain points, goals, and the things they already love about you

✔ Detailed brand voice worksheets so you can create a clear communicate document that anyone can use to write copy that sounds just like you

✔ A ready-to-use Trello board to organize all your voice of customer research, testimonials, copy inspiration, and more

The Copy Playbook isn't your average online mini-course.


It's your easy advantage to boost your connection and your sales. 

That's because most business owners won't make the effort to really get to know their clients' feelings and needs before they create offers or write a word of copy.

Instead, they would rather spend hours tweaking their website or scrolling through Instagram than dig into one of the 20% kind of activities that make the biggest difference in your business: researching your client's voice and using it to create better messaging and offers.


And that's what you'll learn how to do inside The Copy Playbook. 

Inside The Copy Playbook, you'll discover writing secrets like...

Messaging Must

The #1 reason you're hearing crickets instead of the sweet sound of sales (and how to end the quiet forever)

Proven Strategies

Mindset shifts you'll want to make before writing a word of copy again (and how to move past the blocks tripping you up)

Copywriter Tricks

My secret strategy that'll shift you from confused to clarity when it comes to all your copy (you'll never write without this technique again)

Time-Saving Hacks

How to create your own resource that holds everything you need to write clear and authentic copy every time

If you do the work, The Copy Playbook, will make connecting to your clients oh-so-simple, and give you significant rewards for your effort. That said, if you a) do the exercises b) discover your clients words and c) show me that nothing has changed when you put your learning into practice...well, I'll be happy to give you back your money within 30 days. 

Uncover The Words That Make Your Clients Feel Deeply Seen And Heard

Enroll in The Copy Playbook for only $97

Your messaging matters most when it comes to sales 

That's why I'm spilling this copywriter secret with you...

Even though you have other things to work on in your business, you must start with your messaging.

Because when your words connect to the people you love to serve, your offer will sell itself.

No icky feeling sales techniques needed.

And I'm here to point you in the direction to uncover the words that matter.

A Few Questions You May Be Asking Yourself

I hear this one a lot. Most business owners write a lot of their own copy, so even if you feel like you're not a writer, the training within The Copy Playbook will put and end to your days of staring at a blinking cursor and writing from scratch.

So common! And I get it. I get hired to write copy all the time, but even if this is your plan, if you don’t know your customer’s voice and your messaging inside and out than how can you expect any one else you're working with to really get it. 

Sure thing. And I can even help you with that...but the thing is, if you don't know which words will resonate with your clients how well will that template work for you?

The Copy Playbook is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You're looking for a fresh, sustainable way to write copy that sounds like you
  2. You've ever poured your time and your heart into content that resulted in silence
  3. You ever find yourself sitting in front of your laptop staring at the cursor wondering what to write
  4. You're a service provider who wants to grow your list, fill your launches, and book clients regularly
  5. You want the simplest, quickest way to write your own copy that connects with your dream clients 
  6. You're ready to finally figure out what your clients actually want from you

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside The Copy Playbook


Discover What The People You Love To Serve Actually Want

Enroll in The Copy Playbook for only $97

It was really interesting to see how you pulled the keyword patterns from my reviews. That is genius!

Thank you for being so thoughtful and thorough, I wasn't expecting that! I have already put some of your guidance and ideas into action in my new client forms and I will add them to my website and also use them as talking points during my new client meetings. ~ Kate F., Dog Daycare & Adventures Owner


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