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You’re Invited To

The Sales Page Slumber Party

Thursday, June 17th

      5:00-6:30 pm ET

Location: My living room (jk - we’ll meet on Zoom and you get the replay)

Bust out your favorite PJs, and pop the popcorn.

We’re bringing back the classic slumber party favorite: Truth or Dare for ONE night of fun.

Get the truth on what makes a sensational sales page so your launch doesn’t turn into a horror flick (a la The Shining). 

Then dare to get feedback! 

(I promise we won’t ask you to lick a bar of soap!)

5 party-goers will be selected for LIVE hot seat copy coaching with me to get feedback and next steps on their sales page. 


RSVP to save your seat to join the party
(and get the details to submit your sales page for a dare hot seat)

🚨Warning 🚨

This slumber party may help 

your sales page convert better


The Sales Page Slumber Party is designed for online biz owners (and their biz besties) who:


  • Plan to launch a group offer to grow their service-based businesses, and want to create messaging that connects to the humans (their customers!) at the heart of their launches

  • Want an extra pair of eyes on their sales page, so they can get direct feedback to better align their offer and improve copy immediately

  • Can’t wait to boost their confidence and copy skills, using specific tips that skyrocket sales page conversions by calling in the people you love to serve

  • Show up ready to welcome everyone, this means being cool, kind, and thoughtful about bringing equity-centred practices into your launches (and if you don’t know what that is, you’re open to learning alongside us)

  • Love the experience of over-the-shoulder learning, because watching your peers get real-time insights is way more helpful than being told what to do 

Peek at The Sales Page Slumber Party schedule:

90 super-fun minutes of hot seat coaching, sales page training + Q&A with launch copywriter, Sara Vartanian (that’s me!), and a group of rising experts launching their group offers (that’s you!) bravely showing up for each other

Sales page feedback and insights with 5 daring business owners willing to get a (little) out of their comfort zone so they can get expert ideas that help transform their sales page

Get prompts to make your sales page even better, thanks to a brief training dropping all the truths about what makes an effective sales page

A fun, organized evening of copy coaching, so you know just what words, messages, and headlines belong on your sales page

A special invitation to join The Launch Playbook Club, the place to get all your launch copy templates PLUS weekly copy & strategy hot seats all year long

A few surprises to help us get the par-tay started, arrive in your PJs (or do you)

Popcorn, PJs and (Sales) Pages! 

RSVP to save your seat to join the party on June 17th at 5 pm ET
(and get the details to submit your sales page for a dare hot seat)

Meet your host, launch copywriter, and possibly new biz bestie, Sara Vartanian

Hi, I'm Sara (she/her)

I’m a launch copywriter and strategist. 

And we just might be instant biz besties, if you believe in the magic of human connection too. 

Since 2016, I’ve helped dozens of business owners put human connection at the heart of their launches.

Because intentionally infusing intimacy, like a real conversation over a steaming cup of ginger tea and fresh pumpkin spice scones, into each phase of your launch, starting with tuning into the words that matter…

...helps the people you love to serve feel deeply seen and heard.

And during The Sales Page Slumber Party, I’ll show you how to get started. 

What kind of questions can you dare to ask during the sales page hot seat?

  Is it clear and is messaging enticing to get people to sign up?

 Can you tell me what might be missing from the page?

  Do you think my headlines are compelling enough? 

 Are you able to tell what my offer is about and who it’s for? 

✔  Any ideas on why it’s not converting well? 

 What do you think of the modules and bonuses? 

  I’m stuck on the pricing. Any thoughts? 

✔  Does the flow of the copy make sense?


...or any other questions keeping you up past bedtime

Don't miss out on this sales page fun...

 "Sara delivered an optimized sales page that exceeded my expectations."

She completely understood what I was trying to convey, even though I couldn’t find the words, and was able to turn it into a sales page that makes sense! I look forward to watching my launch take-off and know that it’s in part to Sara’s expertise. 

Kim Adair, The Landlord Launch

“Sara really has a gift for tapping into the voice, pain points and frustrations of your ideal client, and turning it into word magic.“

Sara is AMAZING! I got in touch with her because I had written a draft of my sales page and email sequence, but wanted to get a conversion copywriter to tweak and optimize my copy to maximize sales. Sara did all of that, and more! She was also excellent at finding gaps in my funnel that might help amp up conversions too, and had plenty of creative suggestions. I highly recommend working with Sara to take your sales copy to the next level — I know I certainly will be again!

Emma Norris, Imperfect Action Coach and Founder of A Girl In Progress


"I hired Sara to write my sales page for my most recent business launch. Long story short, she killed it!"

She over delivered on all of my expectations. She was able to capture my voice for my specific audience and turn it into copy that spoke to them instantly. [...]  Her professionalism, enthusiasm and high converting copywriting, is amazing. 

Melinda Skyes, The Credibility Cure 

“Hey, Sara, tell me exactly how The Sales Page Slumber Party works?”


1. Once you sign up, you’ll get the chance to submit your sales page and questions for the dare hot seat.

I’ll choose 5 submissions for copy coaching, feedback, and support LIVE during the party (held on Zoom). Even if you aren’t chosen, I promise you’ll walk away with a ton of new insights you can apply directly to your own sales page.

We meet on Zoom from 5-6:30 pm ET on Thursday, June 17th. Wearing PJs is optional (but know I’m definitely going to be in mine.)

I’ll kick off with a quick  game...spilling sales page strategies and sharing a peek at the workbook I use with my 1-on-1 clients to gather all the details for the first draft in 60 minutes or less.

Next up, I’ll whip through 5 sales page hot seats from the daring attendees, and then a quick Q&A session.

I’ll share the details on how you can get weekly copy coaching, and access to launch copy templates.

Can’t attend live? RSVP anyway. You’ll get access to a replay.

Ready To Feel Confident Your Sales Page Connects To The People You Love To Serve?

Save your spot for The Sales Page Slumber Party below.

(Don’t forget to invite your biz bestie too!)

Thursday, June 17th at 5:00-6:30 pm ET