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Hey, I'm Sara.

I help you tune into the people you love to serve so you can launch offers, write copy, and create funnels that make stronger connections and more sales.


People want to feel deeply seen and heard

It’s tempting to believe that the only difference between launches that do well and those that fall flat are the numbers on your list.

But the truth is that a successful launch requires you to listen well.

When you uncover the words that make the people you love to serve feel deeply seen and heard, and use them to scale your services or launch your course or membership, that’s when you’re going to make a lasting impact.

The Copy Boutique

Limited edition copy templates, delivered with the trainings and resources you need to deploy them in your brand with beauty and ease.


Copy & Launch Services

Invest in yourself (and your future sales) with words, backed by a solid strategy, that'll gently woo and nurture your people even when you’re unplugged.


"It's really difficult to find someone who mimics your voice and Sara does this flawlessly. All through the launch, people were responding to my emails telling me how much they loved them. That's why I firmly believe Sara had me do one of my most successful launches to date. "

Monique Bryan
Brand Coach & Creative Director

"I loved every minute of working with Sara on my lead magnet. She took the time to understand my voice and my audience and create a quiz and nurture emails that really spoke to the women I want to reach and serve. [...] If you're looking to grow your brand and work with a strategic partner to help you get to the next level, Sara is your girl!"

Lianne Kim
Business Coach & Founder of Mamas & Co.

"Sara took a super overwhelming task, creating all my launch copy, and made the whole process feel easy. She made sure I was talking to the right clients I wanted to attract. The copy she wrote fit my business and my voice so I was able to sell out my new group coaching program in 1-week."

Natalie Dumond
Courageous Conversations & Dare To Lead™ Faciliator

"I hired Sara to write my sales page for my most recent business launch. Long story short, she killed it! She over delivered on all of my expectations. She was able to capture my voice for my specific audience and turn it into copy that spoke to them instantly. "

Melinda Skyes
The Credibility Cure

"Working with Sara has been a game changer for my business. Before working with her, I didn’t have a strategy for e-mail marketing, and I wasn’t able to fully execute my big plans for scaling from one-to-one coaching into online courses. I felt stuck in a model that was no longer serving my growing business. Since beginning to work with Sara, I can breathe a big sigh of relief every single day."

Rosalee Lahaie Herea
CEO of Baby Sleep Love

Hi, I’m Sara

Launch Copywriter and Strategist. Educator. 

I create personalized launch strategy & copy that gets to the heart of what your people need to feel good about you, your offer, and most importantly your promise so you never run out of the humans you love working with or the passion to build feel-good launches.

And we just might kindred spirits, if you believe in the magic of human connection too.


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