Welcome To The Comfort Zone

If you've been staring at a blinking cursor wondering what to say, you're in the right place.

This is your permission slip to focus on the things that are important to you...


...space to recharge so you can show up for your clients with generous content and meaningful connection


…scaling your business from behind a screen with authentic stories and personal truths


…plenty of time for your favourite reads, cups of tea, and snuggles with your family


…making sales while you spend the night in watching your latest Netflix find


…time off social to protect your mental wellness, and focus on connecting IRL

Hey, I'm Sara.

Launch Strategist and Copywriter. Educator.

My best life plans include conversation for two over cups of ginger tea and warm-from-the-oven pumpkin scones.

I help business owners stand out (and show up) with words, so you can make your audience feel deeply seen and heard–even while you stay home in your comfy pants.

If you and I met for lunch and you asked to hear my storyโ€ฆ

First, Iโ€™d order a chai tea with honey, and with my hands wrapped around the warm mug, Iโ€™d lean in and start talking.

From teacher to eCommerce store owner...

Seven years ago, only a few weeks into my second maternity leave, I opened an online cloth diaper shop—it launched within four months. Soon I was teaching cloth diapering workshops to moms who wanted the process simplified and writing blogs educating them about how to make it work. Through conversations and listening to their questions, I realized that like me, these moms wanted easy-to-understand, trustworthy information on green living.

Recognizing that writing was where my passions lay, after two years I closed the doors to my online shop, and my blog, Green Moms Collective was born.  

This is where I fell in love with content marketing. 

My blog was a side-hustle from my day job teaching elementary school. Through it, I worked with brands and businesses around North America, to manage their influencer campaigns, host twitter parties, write content, and eventually running multiple green beauty social media accounts—taking beautiful flat lay photos and writing content that captured their audiences.

Looking back, I’m in awe of the tired mom who had the nerve to step into the entrepreneurial world with a teaching degree as her background. It’s served me well. I’m a knowledge-seeker and question-asker who is proud to have earned my marketing know-how through years of experience serving clients in North America and beyond.


…hosting a 6-part Twitter chat series with The Toronto Star and Greenbelt Foundation that amassed 20 million impressions, “surpassing projections and creating real value in terms of website traffic, brand chatter and new followers for the client we engaged.”


…being the content and community manager for an Edtech start-up that Scholastic Inc. acquired


…writing newsletters, blogs, white papers, onboarding guides, in-app content, and online workshops as the digital content manager for Scholastic Inc., and presenting dozens of training workshops to Scholastic Education’s sales teams 


…launching my business with a "do things that don't scale" social media road map lead magnet that directly lead to over 60k of revenue (see the testimonial ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฝ)

"Sara, thank you so much for my social media road map and for opening your inbox to me for a week! The value you provided in this single, free resource speaks volumes about you and your offerings! I was blown away. Thanks so much!!"

Rosalee Lahaie Hera
CEO of Baby Sleep Love

The year that
changed it all...

In summer 2015, my family and I lived in a gorgeous log cabin lakeside so we could help care for my mom before she passed away from breast cancer. The year we spent there was life-altering in many ways. My little family of four had time to grieve and be together more than we ever had—and I committed to building a life around my family’s values and needs by taking my business full-time. 

Today, my Trello board is in good company with business owners like…


...the sleep consultant who scaled her service-based business to include regular, easy-breezy launches


...the business coach's quiz and email sequence had people replying straight to her inbox


...the working mom consultant who surprises people when she says that she doesn’t write her own social captions


...the holistic nutritionist who worked with me to create and launch her online course for new moms


And hopefully, you...

...if you're a rather-stay-in type person selling a service or course that helps other people and you're open to virtually chatting over a tea, sharing your real story, letting me ask questions to get to know your brand, and are ready to trust to my process.

How I spend my down time...

  1. Tucked in with a hot water bottle, wool blanket, cup of organic ginger tea and a few cookies, binge catching up on my favourite shows, or having a head-to-head chat with my husband
  2. Enjoying breakfast in bed with freshly made scones, a dollop of Devon cream, and a steaming cup of classic black tea, while I'm three chapters deep in a new book
  3. My DnD turned on, cozying up for movie or game night with my two boys and husband, Andy
  4. Planning my next lakeside escape 
  5. Sipping tea in a pretty little cafe as I journal with an ink pen in a fresh moleskin notebook
  6. Full on belly laughing with a good friend on a work-life retreat
  7. Daydreaming about life while my face is covered with a green beauty mask 

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