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This episode I'm joined by The Launch Playbook Club member, Lily Horbatiuk, who is a certified sleep consultant. Lily took her signature 1-on-1 process and turned it into a course. Here we're chatting about how getting copy coaching and strategy as she DIY'd her second launch helped improved her results.


I talked to Lily about...

  • why she decided to turn her 1-1 signature process into a group program
  • how she got started with a beta launch
  • earning a launch formula that's working for her
  • the changes she made for her next launch that doubled her revenue
  • the messaging shifts she made and why they matter
  • how being part of The Launch Playbook Club helped her reach her launch goals 

People and things mentioned in this episode

Lil Baby Sleep

The Launch Playbook Club


Learn more about our guest, Lily Horbatiuk

If you are a tired mom who wants to improve the sleep of your entire family so you can feel healthy and energized - Lily can get you there! As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and mom of two, Lily builds out customized plans and support to help you reach any sleep goals. Strategies are customized to fit your family, baby, and comfort level.

Lily believes that understanding and offering personalized strategies that you feel comfortable implementing is the key to ensuring your success. Along with this, parents receive the highest level of support, information, and tools to help them feel confident and ready to never have to stress about sleep again. Sleep is possible for everyone, and Lily will help you get there.

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Sara: Do you already know that you have an offer that sells and wish you could reach more people and help them with your magic, but you're running out of time in your day and you want to scale your revenue? Sure, you could raise your prices.

That's one way to make more. But how can you serve more people? Well, you can take your signature process and package it up into an online offering. That's what our guests Lily Horbatiuk did. And after a few launches under her belt, she's going to share what worked her processes and hopefully inspire you to get started to.

If you're a tired mom who wants to improve the sleep of your entire family so you can feel healthy and energized. Lily Horbatiuk can help you get there. As a certified pediatric sleep consultant and mum of two Lily builds out customized plans and support to help you reach any sleep goals. Hey, Lily, welcome to the launch playbook podcast.

Lily: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much, Sara for having me.

Sara: So excited that you're joining me here today. Well, you tell us a little bit about your story and how you ended up as a sleep consultant.

Lily: I started my journey when I had my first baby. And it wasn't this beautiful, it was beautiful. But it ended up being a lot harder than I thought it would be. And unfortunately, he was hospitalized in the first five days of his life. And it was a bit of a dramatic start for us. And he had not been marching properly and was in the hospital. And we it with severe dehydration. And so that experience caused me to really feel a lot of guilt around breastfeeding and around motherhood. And as I started my journey of motherhood, I ended up having to rock and hold him for the first four or five months of his life. And so I was severely sleep deprived. And that's how I became, I had experienced it myself where I was anxious and sleep deprived, and I really needed a change. And I really wanted to enjoy my motherhood journey. And I think it was like 3am when I decided that as I was pumping and feeding and holding to sleep, that I needed to change something in what I was doing. And so I found an online program, I learned a little bit started learning a little bit about sleep. And just by implementing some really great sleep foundations, I was able to get my little guy to sleep five hours, which was amazing 678 and 12 hours at night. And it really literally changed my life. I had developed severe anxiety and the sleep. Getting sleep was so important in overcoming that I also got out of my house and joined a mom's group and I was able to enjoy my little one so much more. And really I tell all of my clients this that I have been in their shoes. And I love supporting moms. And that's how I really started little baby sleep is just by wanting to share that information. When my daughter was born at two weeks old, I decided I was going to become a sleep consultant. I decided this at three in the morning, as well as

Sara: Three in the morning decisions right

Lily: Your Life happens then. And so I signed up for this class for this program. Actually, that was a took eight months to complete. And that's where little baby sleep was began. Just from that life changing experience for myself and for my family and wanting that for other families.

Sara: I love that Lily. How long have you been doing this for now?

Lily: So this is my first year I just turned one year in July, or Yeah, June but it seems like I've been doing it for I love it so much that it I feel like I've been doing it forever.

Sara: Well, I mean, you have all that your own experience through that and the courses you've taken so you've been doing it really a lot longer than I guess a year but serving clients for the year now. nicely. Exactly. I love that. Yeah. So why did you decide to move or at least add on to your one to one, I guess you didn't really move away from your one to one, you still offer that for people to work with you on their sleep with their child sleep. But what made you decide to add in a course with a live group component? Because I know you were one to one, it's been pretty steady and consistent. Right? And I, we've talked before about that. So why add this on?

Lily: Yeah, so I, to be honest, I love working with my one to ones and and what I found was I loved it so much that I was just running out of time, I really wanted to serve my customers well. But I also knew that there was a lot of more people that I could be helping as well. And so it was a decision that I made to scale my business, from one to one to one to many and start launching a course. And I think, you know, I established my one to ones first. And then I thought, Okay, how can I bring all of this information to more people?

Sara: Yeah, I love that. I like that you really spent time establishing that one to one, I think it's a step that sometimes people try to sort of skip over. We think we like have something in our head, we just take it to a course. But when we spend that time working one to one with people, we actually really get feedback on like, what's working and what's getting resolved. And the questions that are coming up that make it turning things into a course so much easier. Did you find that too?

Lily: Yes. And I found that I was saying a lot of the same things, obviously personalizing it and customizing it per family. But I was, I think the to the core, it was a lot of the same things. And so I wanted to get that in to a core so that I could spend more time personalizing but have that core component. And I thought it was a perfect time to move into that. 

Sara: Right. So Lily, you're one of the founding members of my launch playbook club. And it's the place where we get training templates, community and support for our service based business owners like yourself to help them launch offers funnels and online courses. And I'd love you to share, how many times have you launch before you join the club.

Lily: So before I joined the club I had launched once I had done my beta launch back in May. And this was my second launch. So my relaunch when I joined the course the launch playbook.

Sara: Great. Tell us a little bit about your beta launch, like how did that go?

Lily: I think it went really well. I was able to enroll 12 students using beta launch. And that was my goal is to really just get started and get my hands wet and really get working with these clients and helping these families. And I think that the launch went pretty smoothly as smooth as a beta launch goes, I think and I was able to get so much feedback and testimonials, and really adjust my next launch based on all of that feedback. So I was really happy that I just went ahead. I know a lot of entrepreneurs really are hesitant before launching their very first course. And I totally understand that because I felt that way too. And I wanted to get everything perfect before launching. But I realized very quickly that I just had to go ahead and get my, my program out there. And that the right people would join in as my beta launch members and love it so much. And we can just improve it from there.

Sara: That's awesome. I so love to hear that you like took that action to get it out. You're right. I think a lot of people feel like it has to really be perfect and even follow like, let's say the typical launch type of plan but Tina actually getting an out, gives us those feedback and testimonials and gives you then like the customer language to change your messaging, right? And but also, you get proof that like people want that exact amazing so what do you if you could boil that down? What do you wish that other service based business owners knew about launching that first time

Lily: I think the first launch I think be as scary as it can be that it's really exciting. And and just getting it out there in perfectly. And knowing that I figured out that launching is not just about, you know, announcing to the world that my course was open but there's processes and there's ways to nurture your your audience in a way that helps them make a decision. And so that process was my biggest learning is that there's a there's a almost like a formula to launching. And I think with the launch playbook that really helped me to perfect that not perfected but make it better. And having one launch down and two launches down mix. Three and four and five so much easier. 

Sara: Hmm. So what was possible for you in this launch? Because of the membership in the club, so thinking about, like, what kind of benefits that it brings your launch that might not have been possible without the support you received.

Lily: So messaging was huge. I had messaging before. And we really just worked on tweaking it, improving my messaging, and making sure that it was speaking to my my target audience and the people that I wanted to connect with. And I that's another thing it connected with my moms and people who needed this course. And that was really, really important. But then also it was the processes like the email sequences, leading up to the launch, how to speak about it, opening my waitlist. So there was almost like, it almost helped me understand what to do next, and what sequences of emails and then how to speak to anybody that showed up to my webinar launch, and how to help them make the decision to join my course, and how to use the testimonials that I had gotten from my first launch. So really putting it all together to make it more of a seamless process for me.

Today's episode is brought to you by the launch playbook club. It's a place for service based business owners who want to launch a course membership or group offer, and are tired of trying to figure out all on their own with weekly copy critiques and strategy calls for personal feedback, access to tech Roadblock, busting q&a sessions, monthly training around six figure launch strategies, and templates for all your launch copy needs. The launch playbook club is your roadmap to accelerate the success of your next launch without burning out, become a member of the launch playbook club at www.saravartanian.com/launch-playbook

Sara: Were you happy with the results of the second launch that you have?

Lily: Yes, I was able, I was very happy, I was able to enroll 17 families this time around. So I grew. And then I also raised my prices on my course. So my revenue tripled. Right. So I was happy that I saw growth. But I also saw improvement. And I feel confident now that my next launch is going to be that much easier for me because everything the foundations, I think are all set up. And it's just about tweaking and making it better. And that's where I rely on you, Sarah to help guide me through that process. Because I feel like it's always there's always room for improvement. For sure. When it comes to messaging, there's always things that I can tweak and, and make better. But it was a really good support system. For me as I got ready for that second launch.

Sara: I love that you are the best student, really in the club are the best member you showed up to all of the coffee and strategy calls every week with like something different that we could look at. And it was so much fun to watch it all really come together like you came prepared with the webinar and like different emails you're working on. So really focused. And let us use that weekly time to really like narrow in on where those big changes could be made in order to just make that little difference, right, like to optimize or refresh something. Yeah, that was amazing. 

Lily: I appreciated all your time, I found that you know, it was very timely, because I was just in getting everything started. And I was so grateful for those chats that we had. I feel like I got a lot out of that. And I think like anything, if you put an if you put in the work and you're ready to learn, I think there's so much that you can get out of your support and the all the content and even sharing with all of the group members in the Facebook group.

Sara: Yeah, it's great to see what other people are doing to write and how they're approaching their launch. 

Lily: Exactly. And learning from them. And as sometimes I would just go to the call and and listen to what you were what advice you were giving to somebody else, so that I could maybe take some good pieces from that and apply it to my own launch.

Sara: Amazing. So what would you say was the easiest thing about this launch, because I think when it comes to launching, there's a lot of fear about like the energy to put in. And that can be, you know, a recipe for burnout, which of course it can be and it is it does take a lot out of us. But we also can create space for that right. And then as you said, the more pieces of the foundation you have in place, the easier each subsequent launch becomes. So in this launch your second one what was something that was sort of easy. This time.

Lily: I found that the emails were easier because I had already written them just about figuring out when to send them and so the messaging was already there for me. And I just kind of tweaked the emails a little bit and then also my webinar I launched via webinar My presentation was already done. And again, it was just going through it and updating and making it better. But really those those bolt the bones were Yeah, we're pretty much already set from my first launch, which was so helpful. Because timing, you feel like there's not enough time. So I feel like that helped me out so much.

Sara: Amazing. So, for your next launch, when do you have that plan for DVD?

Lily: As soon as possible? No, I would love to launch every quarter. So I will be launching again in January, I'll be launching the same program. It's been so successful. And I'm getting some great feedback the second time around that, you know, I feel like it's needed. And so I'll be launching again in January 2021. 

Sara: Great. So is there anything different that you think you'll do for your next launch already, even something that may be on this, like your first or your second launch here that maybe didn't go as well as he thought it would go or something that also you just like to try now that you have more of those foundational pieces in what do you thinking.

Lily: Oh, there's so much I did a post launch kind of debrief. And I think there's always room for improvement, I think my open cart closed cart could have been a little tighter. And I wanted to do a lot more touch points at the end. And have, you know, an email sequence that went out every day. And so I'm just looking at my emails and looking at the response I got from those emails and seeing where I could fit them in for the next launch. So really just improving what I've done. But I think I'm playing around with the, with the amount of time when I open the cart and close the cart, because the emails I'm sending out, I want to make sure at the right timing, for me to see them and to respond and to maybe even book a call if they need help or have questions about the program. And I don't know if I had that much time at the end. So I'm going to build time. I'm going to build that in for next time. And do you feel like quite a few people maybe would have liked having a conversation to have a sales call? So I think I think that's probably Yeah, I think the first launch, I've made more time for that. And this a little bit short on time. So like the morning of I, I send out the email I have called times available. You know, I've opened up my morning, but it was really last to last minute. Whereas my lunch, I had two days. And it gave me the opportunity to book in those calls. And for me, I really connect with people via the phone on the phone. And so I do really well in on phone conversation. So I feel like that's really something that I'm going to try to build in there. Even if it's just a 10 minute call to answer any last minute questions, if they have any before joining the program.

Sara: I think that's such a smart idea to open up that space for connection and I and as well like as a service based business owner. And that you know, who already has a proven offer, you tend to do? Well, like I know the same with me too, we tend to do well on sales calls, right? So that if that's something that is a string, using that as an opportunity as part of a launch to build an in and I think there's sort of this feeling sometimes the launches have to be automated. And a lot of it can be but there's still room for those connection points. Right?

Lily: And I find that if if it is automated, then you have more time for the person. Yeah. Right. So a lot of it is automated. And you make time to personally connect with any prospective students at the last time, I think you can build a little bit of both, like you were saying it's, it's a little it's about just managing that. And I think having that automation down really help is going to help me have the time to connect personally.

Sara: Amazing. And is there any other connection points that you add in? Or you'd like to add in the future? I know that you on Tick Tock if you haven't seen lately on Tick tock, definitely check it out afterwards. She's got that going on. But what else are you kind of are you doing? 

Lily: Oh, well, I tried to connect with my audience as much as possible, whether it be on social media, I offer 30 free 30 minute calls for anybody wanting to work with me emails, I send weekly emails to my people just to inform them and send them pieces of information about sleep that they might not have known. Because my my biggest goal is to help put more information out there more content that might be useful. And then if I can help them get there, then you know, that's where my courses and working with me one on one comes in.

Sara: I love that you're doing that because really, you know, not only are you giving away this valuable content every week, it's such a beautiful way to warm up your audience ahead of your next launch. So it's basically you're in pre launch. Anytime that you're in Not wanting is bite by doing that.

Lily: Yeah. And I'm always connecting with them. So if you know if something comes up for them, and they need my support, they can just reach out to me, they know me, and they know that I send my weekly email on Thursdays, and that they can always get some useful information from me. But then on if they need to talk, they can just reply to my emails or book a call with me and I'm there to help support them.

Sara: Well, Lily, thank you so much for joining us for this conversation about your launching and debriefing it here on the podcast. Where can we find out more about you and your services? And your course?

Lily: Of course, yeah, I'm pretty much very as you mentioned, I'm very active on tik tok. But I'm also very active on my Instagram account, you can get to know me there at lil baby sleep. That's where I show up every day. And you can reach out to me via dm there.

Sara: Well, thank you again only for joining us. All the information to reach out to Lily will be of course in the show notes.

And I really hope that today's episode inspired you to take your proven offer the thing that's working for you right now, and they already selling and see how you can quickly get it out there into a course and launch into the world to take that action. But also to make room for those connection points. to really use that opportunity the things that you're already good at like through Lily through her sales calls, through her warm one to one messaging that she has and people get to know her by sending like videos or all different little touch points that you could build into a launch that will help people feel connected to you feel supported, and also be really ready to buy from you. So thanks again for listening to the launch playbook podcast and we'll see you next week. Thanks for tuning in to the launch playbook podcast. If you want to get weekly launch secrets in your ears. I hope you'll hit subscribe on iTunes so you'll never miss an episode. Because who knows? It could reveal just a thing you've been looking for to make your next launch a success. And be sure to leave a five star review in iTunes telling me how this episode inspired your launch plans. Until next time, keep putting your big ideas out into the world. I'm rooting for you


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