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The 10-Year Path to Becoming A Launch Copywriter

It's been 6-years since I went full-time in my business and more since I started side-hustling while teaching. Tune into this special behind-the-scenes episode where I share a private peek at moving from a full-time job to becoming a full-time copywriter.

In this episode, I talked about...

  • what my first side-hustle was (and why)
  • how I found my first few writing clients
  • the real reason I took a leave from teaching
  • how I was able to take my business full-time
  • what led to my first 6-figure year
  • the one client that really changed my business
  •  the shift from social media and content writing to launch copywriting

...and much, much more

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Sara: That last communication was the changer for me. So they were a little edtech company. And they had launched an app to the App Store. And they wanted to try to get acquired and really reach into the education market. And being a teacher, they loved what I had to offer and what I knew about education and curriculum, and I could talk to both teachers and parents, my contract increased something like I think 15 $100 a month and then eventually it was in the 20 $500, a month type of range. And when my husband and I decided to move our kids back to Toronto, and our family got to Toronto, the following summer, I ended up increasing my hours with that edtech company would be like about 20 hours a week.

So at this point, I was doing social media writing and newsletter writing for, you know, a handful of education companies, a handful of green beauty companies. But things are starting to shift more towards the education side of things.

You're listening to the launch playbook podcast, the weekly podcast for service based business owners to discover the starts, stops and tools to transformation that go into launching their online offers. I'm your host, Sara Vartanian. And if you want to launch your ideas into the world faster, with more success and less burnout. Well, friend, consider this show your secret playbook to get you there.

Welcome back launchers, the launch playbook podcast. This episode is a little bit different. I'm not going into launch lessons here or having interview. In fact, what I am doing in this episode is giving you a bit of background into how I got to where I was today. So if you love hearing the backstory of how people took their business full time, and what it took to get there, then stay tuned, you're going to love this episode. So it struck me the other day that this summer would be actually six years that I have been in business full time. So that would be six years since I left my teaching job or I had been doing sort of like a side hustling in my business and was able to take my business full time and choose to officially retire from teaching a couple years ago.

So I thought that I would walk you through where I started, the stops and businesses I had along the way until I got to where I am today as a launch copywriter. So officially my first foray into business would be in around January 2012. But I think my story actually starts a couple of years before that. See, when I first became a mom, in 2009, I started becoming really interested in green living, I looked at the products we were using, I was became really kind of looking into the mattresses that my son was using, like looking at organic clothing, changing the foods that we were eating, making different buying decisions essentially.

And part of that stemmed from being a new mom. Part of that was because I myself have extremely sensitive skin. And I had been realizing over the past couple of years before that, that I could no longer use products I used to be able to use like I would this mousse I have been using for years and my hair because I used to have curly hair would actually like make me break out in a rash within like an hour or so before. I would happily like dance night away in his club or sweaty and have no rashes, no issues. But things had changed for me physically. And also because my mom had just finished a rescue, I guess finisher breast cancer treatment, but was coming up to five years breast cancer free. And I was realizing that no, there's a lot of things in the environment and in the things that she moved me using in her products that like there was connections to cancer, all those things had me feeling worried and sensitive and open to learning more, let's say about changing our products and stepping into this like marine loving world.

So that was a change I was making over time. So by the time I had my second son, in November 2011, I was I decided I was going to coffee for him instead of using conventional diapers. And so I found it to be a really big learning curve. There was only one store in Toronto, and were a really large city where I could go and find cloth diapers at the time. And it was like well across the city from me, we made a track down and picked him up other than that it was shopping online. And there was just like a lot of information in the Facebook groups around what was the best choice? What were the best products to use, like what kind of cloth diapers to use, the prices were widely varying. And also not only was I realizing that there was a layer of deciding which cloth diapers to use, but not all cloth diapers were organic. So I was back into that sort of question around. What am I putting on my baby's bottom on my skin and how do I feel about

Got it. And so yeah, it was just a very confusing time, which is why in January 2012, so a few months after I had my second son, I decided that I wanted to open my own cloth diaper online business. And it was going to be heavily focused on the education aspect, but also making really a curated choices. So I wasn't going to carry a lot. I was going to do my research and carry fewer products and make it a really clear pathway to help people decide if this was right for them this product by focusing on things like what kind of washing machine do you have?

Do you care about organic products or not? So my goal in my online cloth diaper store was to help people figure out a really clear pathway to to decide if the cloth diaper they were thinking of purchasing was right for them. So I wanted them to look at a few of the key factors, which I had figured out through my research, my experience was he made a difference and helps you know whether this was the right product for you. So I want them to know like, what kind of wash machine Did you had?

Because that really matter? Like how are you going to clean them really matters? Do you care about organic or not? Do you have a caregiver or someone who's sort of not on board with and cloth diapers with you? So then then you might want to have like an all in one, which is essentially like work almost like a conventional diaper in terms of it's like only one piece you don't do any insert or anything you put on the baby and you button it up? Do you want that type of thing? What is your budget? Like? How much do you have available to cloth diaper Also, do you want to qualify for full time. So there were a bunch of questions like that, that would help people to pick and choose whether certain products were right for them.

And so that's what my focus was. I mainly had organic diapers, I had a few that were not, but it was more of a curated shock. So this is where I started out in my business journey was creating this online e commerce shop, I hired someone to do the logo and the website for me. And I did all the other research and things myself all the copywriting photo taking instagramming reading emails to all those type of things.

Early on into this business, I discovered a couple of things. One, I really liked the education piece of it, which shouldn't really be surprised because I should tell you, if you did not know this about me, I was an elementary school teacher for 10 years. And at the time of opening up the shop in 2011. I was just on maternity leave from teaching. So I had full plans and going back and this would just be like a side hustle something that would be on the side. I had hoped maybe one day would take me to go full time. But I didn't really know.

So by the time I went back to work in the late August fall 2012 did this cloth diaper business was a side hustle for me. And at the time I discovered I liked educating people around choosing cloth diapers, I had been invited to give some workshops around the city into some mom and baby groups. I was blogging about cloth diapering, I had been invited to do some guest posts for some what I considered at the time, some pretty big spaces in the mom and baby space, including being part of a magazine, I just wrote an article in a magazine and speaking at some pretty large events in Toronto, and I loved all that part about it.

And what I didn't love, which I pretty quickly realized was I did not love the packaging of the product, I did not love the shipping, all of those things that really make an e commerce product store a store. And I guess I could have hired out but that was something I hadn't really thought about. And I didn't at the time feel like I was making the money to nor did I have money to really invest in it. You know, looking back now, I think that that would have made a big difference for me. But I carried on with the cloth diaper shop for about a year and a half, maybe two years. And I was making a little bit of profit not a lot because there's definitely an output because I had to buy the diapers and cover ship do shipping and things like that.

And when I thought about what it would take to really grow the business, I realized I wasn't very interested. But I had a lot of guilt around it because I had invested this time and this money and even like time away from my my little kids and my partner to grow it in. But I remember working with I was on this business retreat. And one of the coaches reminded me that all the lessons I had learned from taking a chance on that business were well worth the time, you know, investment I put into it. And I probably wouldn't have learned so much so quickly if I had done a degree let's say in business. So that kind of helped release some of the things that guilt and worry for me. So what I decided was that I was going to slowly shut down the cloth diaper business and I was going to start agreeing with block with the intent of working with people like some brands or businesses to promote and talk about their products, but also to eventually maybe do some writing for some of those brands, some educating for them.

So I started green month collective agreement collective was my green living blog, and was called to collective because over that time of working on my cloth paper store, which I should tell you was called change mat. I hadn't made a lot of connections and contacts with people in Let's call the green living wellness space. So this collective was actually a blog written by a bunch of these people I had met. So I had some contributors who were like, We had nutritionist, I think we had a doula, we had a natural path, there were a bunch of people who were writing articles, as well as me. So we kicked that off. And almost right away, we started landing some sponsorship opportunities. In some media attention from some places like Dave zookeys, Queen of green, got to participate into back to school campaign, a mattress company, organic mattress company, like reusable labels, a bunch of other third generation, like some sort of big, larger names.

And that helped to cover some of the costs of running the blog. And so the time I will tell you, I was not compensating the contributors, I was definitely shutting them out, their names are on it, we are promoting, but what I was doing was looking for opportunities that I could offer them like one of these sponsored posts. So if a sponsored post came our way, or is able to pitch one that was a fit for like our nutritionist or a doula, or a naturopath and I was accepting those, and then they were receiving that compensation to write those articles. So that's what I did for another couple of years. And during that time, again, I was still teaching, I was reaching out to a lot of companies trying to sort of start a few of my own campaigns, maybe pitching them if they want to work together, doing a lot of asking, to be honest. And what ended up happening was that a few of the green beauty brands, likes from the pictures I was taking on social media around products and around just like my own life with my family, and asked if I would be interested in taking some photos for them to use on Instagram, on their own Instagram.

So I said, Yeah, and this is kind of the early days of Instagram. So what happened was a couple companies would send me a big box of their, you know, beauty products. And I would get some props into different things. And I would do a lot of flatlays for them, and then shipped back the products to them and send them over the photos. And I was doing this I want to say for like three to $400. When I look back at now the amount of time I spent on it, it seems to be not one of the better ideas, but the time when it felt really exciting. And it did feel like a lot of money.

And we had to start but no and I were looking back now it was like the amount of time it would take me to set up things and to find the props and to buy the lighting equipment and things I needed to do it a really great job probably wasn't again, like the best, like my fees were probably quite right. But again, early days of Instagram, so I was doing that for a few companies. And then a couple of them asked me to write some social captions for them to do like the way wrote a couple of mass media rights and like ghost writes and blogs for them.

Ghost writing just means that I read it and they put their name on it. So I did that as well. And those are all paid. So that was all happening while I was teaching while I was doing the green. Gremlins collective. At this point, I'd shut down change about the cloth diaper store. I had also got some great contracts with running some Twitter chats which at the time, were sort of big like doing Twitter parties. If you're listening, maybe you remember participants and then where you could win prizes. So I was running and writing scripts for some of those for some companies, including like there's a partnership with the Toronto Star and the greenbelt foundation Ontario, where I actually ran six Twitter chats wrote scripts for them. We've got millions and millions of like hits of views for them, which was really great impressions. And that was pretty fun. Yeah, it was a big campaign.

So that was one of my larger campaigns that I had done. And that takes us up to I want to call it spring of 2015. So this is where everything started changing for me. And it's getting close to when I went full time in my business. So in spring of 2015 it was April, I was teaching grade two, three at the time, again, running Greenville living blog on the side, when my mom had a follow up appointment about her cans with her oncologist to see how things were going with her cancer. At this point, her cancer had come back three times. And the third time it had come back it had actually eaten into her hip bone. And she's had to have her hip replaced within move to her bones. She's in quite a bit of pain. But we were hoping that they had caught it all when they replaced her hip. So I believe it was April 15 Yeah.

It's an extra than thinking that it was April 15. I was at school, I knew she had an appointment. And I was really on edge. And so I called her at my lunch hour. So I knew that they'd let her and my dad left the appointment. And I said, What did they say? And she didn't want to tell me. She was like, I'll talk to you later, when you get home from school. Just call me when you're done work. And I was like, I can't, I can't get through the afternoon. I need I need you to tell me. So she told me that they had given her six months to live. So that was April 15. And six months would be my birthday, which is October 15. And that would have been, I guess, it would have been my 38/37 birthday, actually 37th birthday. So she's given six months to live. So we got off the phone. I spoke to a couple of my friends.

They give me hugs, there's lots of tears. And one of them said to me, You need to take a leave. And, and they go still really shocked at the time because I was like, well, only few more months left till I'm out for summer, summer holiday. And then I'll go be with my mom. My mum and dad were no longer living in Toronto, they have this cute little housekeeping resort. They were in cabins up about three hours north of the city when they retired. So my friend at school was like, No, I think you need to go sooner because you just you just never know how things are going to be. So I wasn't sure like I went home that night, I talked to my husband I called my mom gave me cried. And we were thinking about it.

And I should take the time that my husband and I had already we'd already sold our house in Toronto, and we had been looking for a new house that was closer to the school where I worked. The goal is to be walking distance to the school I worked for that our boys could also attend with me, and that they could walk with me to school, we wouldn't eat childcare. But we hadn't really found anything yet. And so I spoke to my husband, he said, What about moving up there for the year, like my parents were living to be close to your mom. So we decided, like most right away, that's what we were going to do. So I decided I was going to take a leave from school. For the next two weeks of school though I was really dragging my feet from it, I think I just knew that everything was going to change.

This was a job that I really had loved. And although I wanted my business to grow to full time, it was so far from that. And I was not I was really enjoying the side hustle of it. And just the extra money that was bringing in was great, you know for some lovely extras around the house and like a little summer holiday and things like that. But I hadn't really thought I would ever go full time. And then suddenly I knew that when I left teaching things are going to be different. Right? I'd never left just like that. So for about two weeks to kind of drag my feet in my head.

I was like finishing teaching some science unit. I was wrapping up some master but I was starting to think about taking leave until one lunch hour in a missing friend came in said, Sara like it's been two weeks. What do you What are you still doing here? What are you waiting for? And I realized that they were right. So I actually went downstairs and I was upstairs in the school and went downstairs to my principal. And said I need I need to take a leave and I need it to be soon. So I actually ended up leaving on that Friday and for the weekend and not going back to teaching. And the principal had asked if they could just bring it to the class, which looking back I wish that I had done that because I didn't feel great. I was so close to my class and the families.

That was the wish my principal so I took the lead. And we went up north we took her family out of school my husband took a leave. And he was also working with school board at the time. And we stayed in one of the cottages on the parents housekeeping resort, like a one bedroom. So the boys were on like a polo futon and we were in one on one of the beds. And when we looked for a place to live for the year, we did find a place needs renovation, we started working on that. And the place we found was this log cabin. That used to be I guess the lodge of a resort back in let's say the 50s. There's like kind of shaky green carpet in it. A kitchen that was older than like the one in my grandmother's house that had been built in like the 40s.

There was lots to do in it. And it was really the style of house that I would ever choose. But it was under three minutes away from my mom. And that's what I cared about. So we ended up buying it and decide to do some renovations. And during this time, we went a little bit back and forth to the city. So my one son who was older, could be in his SK class some of the time and then we go back into weekends we kind of go back and forth. Sometimes I spent a week with my mom I had to be in the city with the kids and things like that happened until school officially ended in the end of June.

And that's when we moved out of Toronto full time and the log cabin we had bought was not ready. That's a whole other story about contractor issues which I'm not gonna get into here but we end up again still living my parents one of my parents happens when we're up there and we put both the boys in one went to like a daycare one went to summer camp so that they could have something fun to do and it wasn't all about spending a summer around their Nana who they're really close to who was dying, and loved me to have space with my mom loved the voices to have fun, but then to be around my mom in the evenings in the family evenings, my brother and my sister were still in the city, they were coming up on weekends to be there. And my husband was dealing with the renovation helping my dad and also helping my mom he was always really great at my husband is the cook in our family.

So he's always making her things like scones, this seemed like to be like one of the only things she wanted to eat macaroni or hotdogs, actually, which is what my mum, all she could seem to stomach during those final few months. So when my mum slept a lot because of some pain, so when she was sleeping, I would work on my blog. And I decided that I would do a campaign in the fall, which was all around one back to school because say for back to school on the one around like during October, which is generally breast cancer month, I would do the beauty campaign really trying to raise awareness around changing the products they're using. So I spent the summer my my sleeping, sending out pitches to companies.

And that was where I was focusing on after had a few pitches come to me. And a couple of these things are what started really changing things for my business. So again, I didn't spend a lot of time that summer working just when my mom was sleeping, I'd send these pictures out. So Twitter's just making some moves, really focusing on what I could do. And so during that time, I connected, like I said, with a couple businesses who were interested in me working with them. So they all had said yes, different campaigns with the other. One of them asked if I would be willing to do their social media for them come the fall, which I said, Yes. Another one of them asked if I do their social media for them into newsletters for them once a month, starting in September. I said yes.

And then another campaign, as an influencer campaign, asked me about working for them for social media, potentially down the road. And we thought we talked about it didn't want to take on too much. Well, that was in mid July ish. My mom took a turn for the worst. And I would say, a turn to the end. Because by July 31, I have this message tool on my text. She sent me a text, we'd gone down to the city for a night to pick up some things and to see my husband's family. And she said,
I'd love you always.

Andy, and those little boys too. And my dad text and said, Sir, I think you should come back. So we packed up, went back up. And my mom and I said I love you. And
she asked me to rub her chest for some macaroni, my husband just microtia a few bites. she'd love you a few more times. That was the last time I heard my mom speak. And she passed away on August 7, which also happens to be my son's birthday. After that, here we were in this small town, our log home was finally ready to move into. And my mom had passed away. So we moved in. And the boys are starting school full time, both of them in a couple of weeks. And so that's when my business became full time. Because the boys were going to school my mum had passed and there was really nothing to do except for grieve, which I did plenty of, and I had lots of space to do. But I also had time to focus on my business for the first time ever. So I started working with a couple companies who'd want work in the fall. And the one company who would ask if I would talk to them on social media, we had a phone call. And so at this point, I had a contract four to $500 contracts, and an $800 contract.

And then this other company came in also another $500 contract a month that last communication was the changer for me. So they were a little edtech company. And they were they had launched an app to the App Store and they wanted to try to get acquired, and really reach into the education market. And being a teacher they loved what I had to offer and what I knew about education and curriculum and I could talk to both teachers and parents.

So I ended up working with them. Kansas City to meet them a couple times and overtime with them. My contract increased something like I think 15 $100 a month and then eventually it was in the 20 $500 a month type range. And when my husband and I decided to move our kids back to Toronto and our family got to Toronto, the following summer, I ended up increasing my hours with that edtech company. So they were still freelance, but it was like, let's say COVID like about 20 hours a week.

And then my other contracts had kind of been growing and sort of word of mouth had happened. So at this point, I was doing social media writing and newsletter writing for, you know, a handful of education companies, a handful of green beauty companies, but things are starting to shift more towards the education side of things. Well, that ad tech company that I was working with ended up getting acquired by Scholastic Inc, which is a pretty big deal. And I came on board as their digital marketing manager, which means that I was writing all of their sales emails I was writing what copy I was writing social media, captions and sharing them I was ghost writing articles.

Have some of our authors writing in sales, basically running webinars and presentations to give to the sales team delivering those presentations, doing some traveling around the US, it was pretty cool. And as well, I had some other clients. This was in, let's just say fast forwarding to around 2018, I actually still didn't have a website for what I was doing until I worked with a coach. And I give a shout out here to Leanne Kim, and she was my business coach at the time. And she was like, Sarah, you got to get a website up there. When you talk about raising your prices you're getting everyone's like, almost everyone you talked to says yes to what you're doing. And let's start, you know, developing attraction to bring people into you. So that's what I did and put up a website.

And that's where I put up my lead magnet, you will have heard me talk about unstable lead magnet method, I won't get to that one. But if you're interested in that, it's pretty cool. And it directly led to me making around 75,000 plus in business. That's an absolute definitely think you should go back and listen to, to the time it goes working for scholastic, I had fun launch my website, I started working with more and more business owners, I had joined some entrepreneurial groups in Toronto to connect with business owners. And this is where my unscalable lead magnet methods started bringing the other clients in. So the other clients, I was seeing their social media strategy, their social media copywriting, running their newsletters for them.

And a bunch of them at this time, were one to working one to one with their clients, but decided to package up what they did with their clients one to one, and to launch some group offers. So this was really my foray into launching for service based businesses. I had done some of that launching for that ad tech company. Well, quite a bit of launching this, we actually launched a whole department and many products. But this was really into the service provider side of things.

So with those clients, I was running their sales pages, their open car sales sequences, their webinars, job sequences, I'd say advising giving feedback on the webinar, all the social media promotion, and I loved it, I loved the feeling of putting together this beautiful funnel this beautiful way of bringing people into their offer. I love the the idea that we were going to help so many of them once I had seen the testimonials from these clients, I knew that what they were doing was like life changing, so supportive and helpful. I knew that their heart was so into what they were doing. And I loved for my client that we were creating an opportunity for them to actually have more time back with their family.

Because like me, a lot of them have had two reasons why they needed to spend less one to one time and he's more time with the family, be it they had some like maybe some parents stuff going on some things that their kids or things are going to help. And I thought it was so amazing. And I loved what I was doing. To quite quickly the new clients I started taking on, I would look and seek for people who were actively thinking about launching a course or program. So this takes us to around 2018 I hadn't gone back to teaching we come back to Toronto, I'd kept taking leave and they were generously granting them to me.

So I didn't have to make a full decision. At that time I decided with scholastic that I would, I asked if I could instead work with them on a freelance basis and not at this part time basis anymore because my business growing and they were wanting a little more travel for me that I wanted to give them. So we entered into a great retainer contract for a while around me still doing what the work I was doing but just on a freelance basis, as opposed to a part time employee basis.

That continued for about another year until the point I decided to just move forward with my own clients because still having that long term retainer contract, you know, after like three days a week work was really stopping me from being able to grow at that point. All of my clients are were retainers.

So it was beautiful to have that retainer process for, you know, helping people execute multiple copy goals and launch goals, projects of the year. However, it was also I found some times very onto the line and you may have experienced have been a conduit if you've worked on retainer bases, where you almost feel like you're not an employee, but you want them for so long that you can kind of feel like that and things started really moving out of the scope.

I wouldn't say like there's some scope creep happening and things like that were happening. And I wanted to change the way I worked. I no longer wanted to do any social media posting for them or captions unless it had to do directly with their own launch copy. And so at that point, in September 2019, I decided to let go of a bunch of my retainer clients, which was a pretty scary move to make September 19. And I also decided to officially quit teaching at the same time and I said that this would be the fall where I really just announced myself as a launch copywriter and really fully step into the rule and the work that I wanted to do. So that's what I did. I did this shortly after an event that Tarzan K and ch Polaris had held on I want to give a big shout out here to Shannon to sack because I remember speaking to her as an X, I really loved the quiz work she did. And I had written some quizzes for a couple clients.

And she said to me, what do you do? And I said, Well, I want to call myself a copywriter. But right now, this is what I am, you know, I guess I'm a writer, or, you know, our content writer. And she's like, if you're a copywriter, I totally did claim that title. And I did, I sort of call himself copyright for that. So I just want to give her that shout out because hearing that from someone who so admired, helped me feel competent to really step in and claim that role for myself.

So I will say that that fall was a little tough in terms of my finances having like, of the retainer clients, moving into December, I just had a couple things kind of come up in terms of like some short little projects for writing some sequences, but nothing major. And so what I did was I sent out an email, Bogo email, actually, which was like a buy one, get one half to my list, offering them some copy half days with me, in January, February, March at this special rate, because I needed to fill up my calendar because again, things have changed.

And so I actually was able to, I think, welcome about five people that way, and had a few other people happily reach out to me in January for their launch copy. And then things really just took off from there. So I was really quickly able to scale back up to the six figure plus that I had been making with my retainer work. I will say that that's when the pandemic hit. And I am grateful and lucky that a lot of my clients like things did not change or they grew for me during that time, because of the credit lines. I was working with churches, business owners who wanted to launch courses who are launching courses to that steadily increased, I help people launch summit, we launched a bunch of courses, but some welcome sequences to effect lots of writing happening.

And in 2020 18, I was able to look back at my business in realize I'd hit a milestone year coming up to multiple, six figures on a fairly tight expense budget, like not with Facebook ads and things like that. And then here we are in 2021. And I am still doing what I'm doing launch copywriting. This will be I guess, my going into my second full year of doing it full time. But again, as you know, listen to the story. I've been full time in my business since 2015, when my mom passed, and we had taken that time to live at that log cabin, again, not making a lot, but I never went back to teaching from there. And I will say that, although I wish, of course that my mom was still here.

And at that time had never happened. I do feel like it's a gift from that experience that I had the gift of time, time to grieve the log cabin time to spend time with my kids to be outside by Lake nature where things feel really healing for me, spend time with my partner, and also the opportunity to take my business full time and to really expand and grow into this writing that I wanted to do for other people in this launching field, I want you to realize I can make money from writing that I'm not sure would have happened for me if I had stayed in the city.

So I always think it's like a gift from my mom that what happened I was able to expand my business. And so that is the story of how I got to where I am today. I shared a little stories along the way that I'll fill you in other times. But thanks for sticking with me and hearing this really intimate look of the past 10 plus years of my life. Almost six years of full time in business. Do you have any questions about it and you're on your way to feel free to send me a DM through Instagram. I love chatting with listeners. And until next time, happy launching.

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