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5 Launch Playbook Club Members Share Their Experience Inside The Club

In this episode, I share the reasons I started The Launch Playbook Club, and how I decided what to include in this group program. You'll also hear from five members who recorded their feedback around how the Club has helped them launch.

Listen for...
  •  how my 1/2 day copy sessions helped me create and test the copy templates available inside The Launch Playbook Club
  •  what kinds of launch support is available
  •  how the copy templates work
  •  why this is a 12-month group program instead of a DIY course
  •  the importance of weekly hot seat calls to improve your copy
  • get the inside scoop on the Club from current members

Things & people mentioned in this episode

Sales Page Slumber Party https://www.saravartanian.com/hot-seats

Join The Launch Playbook Club: https://www.saravartanian.com/launch-playbook

Astrid Sucipto, The Launch Playbook Club's tech expert https://digitalpixie.ca/

Nicole de Larzac, https://nicoledelarzac.com/

Karen Jashinsky, https://studentfitnessexperts.com/

Kaili Ets, https://kailiets.com/

Lily Horbatiuk https://www.lilbabysleep.ca/

Nathalie Almani, https://pictonat.com/personal-brand-photography/

Work with me one-on-one: https://www.saravartanian.com/work-with-me

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Sara: Grab your favorite PJ's and pop the popcorn, you're invited to the sales page slumber party. I'm bringing back the classic slumber party favorite game, truth or dare. For an evening of fun, you'll get the truth on what makes us sensational sales page. So your launch doesn't turn into a horror flick, kind of like the shining, and then dare to get feedback.

I promise I will ever ask you to lick bar of soap. So, five party goers we selected for live artsy coffee coaching with me to get feedback and next steps on their sales page. So RSVP now at Sara vartanian.com slash hot dash seats to save your seat to join the party and get the details to submit your sales page for a dare or I mean, hot seat. I'll see you there. I'll be my pajamas. Join me for the sales page slumber party.

So in the launch playbook club, not only do you get the templates and the training and the copy calls, I also share what's going on in the launch world from what I'm seeing with my one to one clients what I'm learning in my masterminds. So, you know, we're talking about ways to humanize our launches and make them more human centered and more empathy.

We're talking about ways to make our copy more ethical or to have more equity centered launches. We're talking about what's important now and what's important to us. And so when people join, I asked what's on their mind and what they really want to learn. And so we make sure that we start incorporating that into the launch playbook club.

You're listening to the launch playbook podcast, the weekly podcast for service based business owners to discover the starts, stops and tools to transformation that go into launching their online offers. I'm your host, Sara Vartanian. And if you want to launch your ideas into the world faster with more success and less burnout. Well, friend, consider this show your secret playbook to get you there.

I've been running the launch playbook club for almost a year now. So I thought in today's episode, I would share with you the why and the what behind the club. So last year, Around this time, I looked back and I realized I had been doing these half day copy and strategy sessions.

There are about two and a half to three hour sessions where I gave feedback, live edits, live writing and launch strategy to people. So most people who bought a session bought a second one because they liked our time together so much we got so much accomplished during that time. And they loved that the real time feedback and edits made it quick to gain momentum.

So like not only will we do work on the call together, they could get off the call with next steps, they'd go make changes and they wanted to work together as to more on another piece of copy or to take their copy even further or their plans even further. So I ended up doing about 40 sessions last year. So to make all of this possible, I had created these templates for myself for sales pages, and for all the email, copy and even funnels, where we would fill in the details together kind of Madlib style, and then we personalize the rest of the email based on their personality and their stories. You know, the way they said hello, the way they signed off their emails, and then also wrapping that into, you know, all those personal nuances and things into their sales pages in their sales copy.

So I created sets of these for the different stages the launch funnel based on my high ticket done for you launches. And so the people that I was working with in these half day sessions, they were asking for the templates, and they were saying they wish they had more time with me. And the truth was I was turning away people who didn't have the budget to work with me for done for you services, but really wanted launch help. And the teacher and me.

And just like the excited life person in me really wanted to work with more people to help them launch. And so that's when I decided that I was going to open the launch play book club. And so I spent some time thinking about what would be most impactful for people joining the club. And so I came up with a few areas that I thought mattered the most. So first, I decided that people needed to be able to identify which area of launch they were in. So they needed to know where they were, what phase of the launch they were in, and then have an action plan for that phase of the launch. So if they were in the listening phase of the launch, they needed to know like what kind of surveys to send, or how to set up interviews or what kind of messaging they were looking for.

But if they were in the leading phase, they were actually like how to launch going they need to know how to help people have success and deliver on the prompts have their offer. So I thought when I wanted to make sure all the training and templates and everything in the club revolved around these different phases. And then I wanted to make sure that we added in copy templates. For each phase of those, again, those launches. So I focused on first building out the different copy elements for a typical webinar launch because that seems to be the one that you know most people are familiar with, and the one they're often working with at least their first few launches until they maybe decide to try something different.

So you know, right now in the launch playbook club, we have copy for opt in landing pages, your free lead magnet landing pages for your webinar, master class for landing pages, sales page copy, we have webinars show up sequence sales page workbook, we have Customer Success sequence, welcome nurture sequence, we have all these pieces right from the list building to the webinar, masterclass sales sequence to the sales page, and then beyond to success, you know, helping people actually use your product, we have some more things in there.

But those are the core pieces of what we have. There's also some bonuses for some small offers in between by email only campaigns. And we have some plans to include a few more variations of launch styles in the club, but really wanted to focus on like, what is the main one that people feel comfortable with. So all that copy is in the club people have access to in Google Docs, they make a copy, and then they can go personalize it, and they can watch the training that goes with it.

So each piece of copy actually has a training between like 15 to 30 minutes on it, where I walk through every single email or every phase of the sales page. So they understand what to put in those pieces and how to fill out the templates and really make it their own. And the reason I wanted to include the training was because not only do I want people to be able to you know, use the templates with more ease, one of my goals would be that if the agency the understanding to be able to get stronger writing their own copy going forward, right, so the next time they launch the same product or different product, they start thinking about these like conversion techniques and the types of stories that they want to tell the types of things that want need to be included in order to help people purchase from them.

And then I also added in a biweekly tech call with Astrid and Astrid is my go to referral for funnel design. She is super smart at designing all parts of the funnel, but also tech questions. She's worked with multiple email service providers, multiple systems. So she runs bi weekly tech calls where people can bring their questions because I know that in a lunch, you know, copies only part of it. The other part is how do we have to connect it and get it outgoing. So that's what Astra is there for. And then my personal favorite part is the weekly copy calls.

So these are things called the hot seat, you can call them feedback, copy critiques. But there's weekly calls, where people can bring the copy they have written using the templates or their own copy. And we will go through and I'll do live edits with them. We'll work through tricky sections, we might talk about their guarantees or getting clarity on certain parts or and I'll let them know if like I think something's missing, if it's not clear, like the different segues between why we buy, we'll also talk strategy for their launch plans. We've had members come in who talk about one to raise their pricing, or the feedback they've gotten from members and wanting to strategize what they can do to make their offer better for the feedback they have received. So we'll talk you know, launch strategy, offer strategy, and then we'll get coffee feedback during these weekly calls.

Now, also, in the membership, I want to tell you the five things I think are most important, I'm going to expand on what I told you is already in it. So first, what I think is so amazing, it's really a chance for you to have a launch copywriter in your back pocket. So it's his private community for personal feedback, you get this launch copying strategy every single week from my launch copywriter, I often bring you know, top some expert friends or colleagues or peers to come in and do a training. And then it's also just like a really super supportive community of business owners who are serious about wanting but also wanted to have fun and make it easier. It's also a roadmap to accelerate your launches. So you can actually learn those details on launching your funnels offers and courses.

But it's really practical, right? Like you're not having to go through 12 weeks of training in order to launch your course, you can dive in figure out what phase of the launch you're in and go directly to the training or copy that you need for that phase. So you don't have to wait until your beginning of a launch to join you can join any phase and then just keep cycling through the different parts of you know, you know, once you've watched an offer you can go back into Okay, now I'm in the pre launch phase, this is what I need to be working on or now I'm in the listing phase, the research phase, this is what I'm working on.

So you can always be actively cycling through the different parts of launches. But without the wasting time of going through a course you don't need to go through all the pieces on so of course the collection templates you have so that fast tracks your copywriting there's no more writing history. batch liking cursors you actually have proven resources to convert your email sequences and like your sales pages. And I like to think about it being the shortest bridge from your brain to your bank. So when you actually have fun with the launches, and you can keep it simple because you have the resources you need, and this launch copywriter, and tech support giving you feedback, you can actually launch quickly. And then I also like to think that it's your secret access to tools that transform your launch. So in the launch playbook club, not only do you get the templates and the training and the copy calls, I also share what's going on the launch world from what I'm seeing with my one to one clients what I'm learning in my masterminds.

So, you know, we're talking about ways to humanize our launches, and make them more human centered and more empathy. We're talking about ways to make our copy more ethical or to have more equity centered launches. We're talking about what's important now and what's important to us. And so when people join, I asked what's on their mind and what they really want to learn. And so we make sure that we start incorporating that into the launch playbook club. So that's a little bit about why I created the club, and what is involved and what makes me so excited about it. Now you're in for a lovely retreat, because I have asked some of our members to share their thoughts about the club and what they like most. So in the next moment or two, you're going to hear from a bunch of the members, and they're going to tell you their favorite parts.

Karen: Sara's program has been so helpful in getting me to launch my student fitness expert certification landing page for our new program. I love being a part of the group, her feedback has been amazing. And even getting access to feedback in between sessions has been so valuable. My name is Karen Gilbert, and I'm the co founder of student fitness experts. And I highly recommend Sara's program, if you're launching a product, a new business, anything that you need help with copy editing.

Lily: Hi, I'm Lily, and I'm the mama behind little baby sleep. And I have been in the launch playbook club for over six months, and I have to say has been the best investment for my business. Not only have I learned so much from Sarah and her team, but I love the coaching calls that they have weekly where I get face to face time, and they're able to help me on the spot. And I also love the community that they have online. They're always welcoming and open to helping and it's helped me so much with my launches, and expand my business and grow my business. So thank you, Sara, thank you the launch play book club for community for having me. And I am definitely going to tell everybody about this. And I do tell everybody about this group because it's fantastic.

Kylie: Hi there, this is Kylie ATZ of Kylie at family wellness. And I wanted to just thank Sarah because she has really given me a lot of confidence and support inside the launch playbook club. And I just wanted to talk a little bit about why I have loved this membership so much. I joined right at the beginning so last summer and it was one of those sort of no brainer decisions because I knew that I needed help with so many things on the back end. I am a very small business, I run everything by myself. And I don't have a lot of business training from my schooling and such. And so I do a lot of learning on the go. I do a lot of DIY, everything. And the lunch playbook club has been such a great way to get access to a social media marketing copywriting strategist in my back pocket for literally a fraction of what it would cost to hire somebody on a one to one basis. But one of the really wonderful things about this membership is that I actually purchased the accelerator version that so that I could get someone to one time with Sarah and let me tell you, that has been my favorite part of this whole membership. I have really loved the group as well, although I'm not as active in the group as I would like. But what I have loved the most is actually Sarah's one to one support, where whether we get on a call one to one Or where I can send in my copy. And she'll actually do a review of either my sales page or my emails or something, and it will be part of the membership so that all of the other members can hear it too. But it really is just that personalized support. And so I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sarah about all of the content that she has provided inside the lunch playbook club, it has really, really, really just made my life easier because I know that I can go there, search for something and get the support that I need, whether that is figuring out what the heck to launch when, or what I'm supposed to include in a launch, or how to go about organizing a launch for each week leading up to the launch, or even something like copywriting, copywriting sales pages, copywriting emails, nurture emails, or sales, emails, or launch emails, there's just so many things. And she's got trainings on all of that, as well as templates to follow and swipe files, which is super easy and amazing. So I highly recommend the launch playbook club and Sarah's support. And I actually really recommend going for the upsized accelerator package, because you will get that one to one support. And that is just priceless. So that's it for me. Again, this is Kylie. It's from Kylie at family wellness, I support moms and babies in the first two years of motherhood, with all things baby related, whether that's sleep, reflux, and I have also just recently been trained in cranial sacral therapy. That's it for now. Bye.

Natalie: My name is Natalie have picto not creative, and I want to share my biggest aha moment of being in the launch playbook club. And that was really developing my sales page for my services. I thought that what I had was good. But when I worked through the copy and saw examples of what other members were doing in the group, it was like life changing. So I got a lot of great direction guidance, templates, resources and tools to really create a sales page that's going to convert I'm super excited.

Nicola: Hi, I'm Nicola Larzac. I'm from Nicole Dillard consulting, Inc. and I'm a Product business coach, I help women entrepreneurs launch and scale their product businesses. Before I joined the launch playbook club, I really looked at other sales pages and email copy. And I had sales page and V. Because I really wanted to create something as professional and as high converting as other sales pages that I've seen, as well as email campaigns that I've seen. So I wanted to uplevel my emails up level my copy. And I also needed tech help because I really just got stuck when it came to tech. And it was a hiccup that I had with other lunches. So I joined the lunch play book club, not really knowing what it would be about. But I knew that there is going to be so much value there. Because you get so much time with these amazing people with these experts who give you guidance on stuff that you may not be an expert about. So I joined the copy calls with Sara and I get instant feedback on my sales copy. And then the tech calls with Astrid are amazing because she really helps with the tech side which is so frustrating for me. So I've gotten so much feedback and on one on one help as well as all these templates that you can follow like email templates and sales page copy that literally just write themselves like you really just take the templates and you mix it up for obviously your company but it has saved me so much time. So I'm so thankful for the launch playbook club because it is just like the go to place for launching programs and courses and I highly recommend it I actually recommended it to so many people already so if you're listening definitely join the club.

Okay friends, now you know all about why and how I created the launch playbook club. And you've heard from a bunch of amazing members what they think if having a launch copywriter in your back pocket and getting access to copy hotseat calls, text import calls, copy templates and training sounds like just what you need in your busy life. Then I really hope you'll join us inside the launch playbook club.

We're opening up the doors again soon and you can get on the waitlist at Sara Vartanian comm slash launch dash playbook or you can check the show notes for the link to join. See you back here at the same time next week. Thanks for tuning in to the launch playbook podcast. If you want to get weekly launch secrets in your ears, I hope you'll hit subscribe on iTunes so you'll never miss an episode. Because who knows, it could reveal just the thing you've been looking for to make your next launch a success. And be sure to leave a five star review on iTunes telling me how this episode inspired your launch plans. Until next time, keep putting your big ideas out into the world. I'm rooting for you.


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