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5 Stages Of A Launch

In today's solo episode, I'm taking you through the 5 phases of a launch funnel. You'll also discover a few ways you can self-identify which stage you are in right now to get clarity on next steps.

 I talked about...
  • how to nurture human connection through each phase of your launch funnel
  • figuring out what's on the heart of the humans you want to work with
  • when is it time to plan your launch strategy
  • a way to speed up your writing time
  • delighting your new clients and customers
  • some things you can do during your pre-launch stage

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Sara: Master your favorite PJ's and pop the popcorn, you're invited to the sales page slumber party. I'm bringing back the classic slumber party favorite game, truth or dare. For an evening of fun, you'll get the truth on what makes us sensational sales page. So your launch doesn't turn into a horror flick, kind of like the shining, and then dare to get feedback. I promise I will ever ask you like a bar. So, five party goers we selected for live artsy coffee coaching with me to get feedback and next steps on their sales page. So RSVP now at Sara vartanian.com slash hot dash seats to save your seat to join the party and get the details to submit your sales page for a dare or I mean hot seat.

I'll see you there!

I'll be my pajamas. Join me for the sales page slumber party. And during this phase, this leading with love phase, you'll also want to consider crafting an onboarding, form or survey to gather information. When people sign up, you'll know where they're at what they're hoping to get out of your program. Because this is going to really help you serve your clients better, make sure that they're getting what they need.

But also start prepping for updating your messaging for the next launch because we always want to be in that gathering phase of information. You're listening to the launch playbook podcast, the weekly podcast for service based business owners to discover the starts, stops and tools of transformation that go into launching their online offers. I'm your host, Sara Vartanian. And if you want to launch your ideas into the world faster with more success and less burnout. Well, friend, consider this show your secret playbook to get you there. launching your ideas doesn't need to be stressful or complicated.

But it does require you to take time to uncover the words and make the people you love to serve feel seen and heard. Get crystal clear clarity, you're creating something your clients actually want right now. Identify a launch process that works for you and your goals and building relationships with the people you love to serve. And to do that in the launch playbook club.

And through all my done for you launch copy services, we focus on creating human centered launches, which really just means we're nurturing feel good human connection through each phase of the launch funnel. So today, in the solo episode, I thought I'd take you through the five phases of a launch funnel, and give you a few ways you can tell which stage you are in right now. In the launch playbook club, our members can self identify which stage they're in, again, an action plan, which is like the steps that linked to the training and templates is in the group program. So they know where to focus their time next.

And I know they find it helpful because launching can feel like so much to do, and narrowing down the next steps can feel like a huge relief. So that's why I wanted to help you too. So I'm going to dive in to the five phases of a human centered launch, starting with phase one, which is what I call the heart to heart. And it's all about listening and clarity. So all great connections start with active listening. And so every launch begins that way too. Your job in this phase is to unravel what's on the hearts and the minds of your people by going on a listening tour.

And the end result of this is you'll have a messaging document that gives you a great deal of empathy for your ideal clients and helps you get a pulse on what they need, what they're dreaming of, to. So if you're in this phase, a few of the action steps you would take are perhaps sending out a survey to your cold, which is you know people who don't know your audience or your warm audience. So people who are already in your list, you've already worked with people who are part of your programs, and asking questions.

Another one might be interviewing clients or would be clients. You could also ask for testimonials, gather feedback, review any kind of documents and forms that people have filled out to work with you or to inquire about working with you. And then you what you do is you actually sorted all together. And so you can start identifying what is happening in the hearts of the humans you want to work with? What's keeping them up at night.

What did they do in the morning? What are they reading? What is their biggest dream, you're looking for patterns emerging so you can really see what's happening but you're also looking for all those finer human details. In an earlier episode this year, I talked about how through this process, when I've worked with a done for you client, we discovered that all these people that she'd been working with who actually had stopped reading like business books and watching business loyalty documentaries, and let's call it like serious business stuff over the past year in their free time. And because of the pandemic things felt really heavy and instead they lightened up to a lot You know, we're watching rewatching, the office, or watching bridgerton, or reading no fiction books and just like really like kind of like this like fluffy romantic stuff. And so knowing that helped us shift our emails, right.

So we were able to bring in like office gifts and have some more fun and be more playful than we may have been, if we had just assumed that things were as they had always been, right, this is just like serious business. And we have to continue as always, because things have changed in the world. And we wouldn't have known that information if we hadn't had these Heart to Heart conversations and done this listening. So that's phase one. Let's move on to phase two. So you this phase two, I call this securing the strategy.

So you're in this phase, once you have all the insight from your heart to hearts from your listening, and then you're ready to actually dig into these new insights. So you're going to use all that information you collected to thoughtfully refine your offer. So this is where you're going to be focusing on like the bonuses that you have choosing your payment plan structures, thinking about your guarantees, you're going to pick your irresistible lead magnet or refine the lead magnet you have, you're going to create launch plans. So this is like whether you're doing a hot seat or a webinar or an email only launch that make it easy for you to show up and easy for your ideal clients to say yes, and you're going to map your launch dates into the calendar. During this stage, you're also going to really know what messaging you're going to focus on. And you'll have gathered that all from your heart to hearts, but you're going to look at those wants and needs and dreams and concerns and hesitations of the people you want to work with.

And you're going to come up with stories and emails and really just hide a high level that you have to address and over to support the people you want to work with. And help them understand that your offer is an ideal solution for them. During this stage as well, you're going to want to choose sustainable ways that you can wrap connection to your funnel, so you can show up as leader your clients need right now. And then hopefully, whether people buy or not. The idea is that everyone moving through your launch will come out with some helpful strategies they can use. Now we're on to phase three, which is crafting the copy. So you're in phase three. If you've done the research, you've had the heart to hearts, you have a strategy and plan for your launch, and you're ready to write.

So here's where you're going to use your messaging research to fully focus on crafting words that treat your people with the empathy, respect and support they deserve. And your action steps here are to write landing pages. So if you have a lead magnet or your webinar if masterclass page, hotseat page, however, you're welcome them. And during the launch vehicle, your launch, tripwire, however, your launch event, however you want to call it, your writing that page, your welcome sequence your sales page, your sales emails, and then you're going to go get them designed. So you're also going to want to include visuals that help people understand what they're buying. So be really transparent.

This is where you can include things like mockups a scrolling gifts, or just gifts in general. And maybe you've made some of yourself or the, you know, the offer, and perhaps behind the scenes video tours showing the the dashboard of your program, or where you go highlight and talk about the key pieces of your program and why it's different. And now we're into phase four, which is what I call leading with love. So this phase is all about setting up the right conditions for your clients to feel cared about after they buy, the way you deliver your offer and the support they receive from you. So if your launch copy is already, then you're in this phase. So during this phase, your action plan is to create an email sequence that will nurture your new clients success will they work towards your offers promised results, you'll also plan a few ways to surprise and delight your new customers. Maybe you're going to send them something personal in the email, maybe you're going to respond when they fill out your welcome survey or when they sign up with a personal video. Perhaps you're gonna send out a postcard, definitely check out our episode coming up around human centered launches.

That's coming next week for all bunch more ideas around how to get personal and add these connection touch points in and during this phase is leading with love phase. You'll also want to consider crafting an onboarding form or survey to gather information. When people sign up, you'll know where they're at what they're hoping to get out of your program, because this is going to really help you serve your clients better. Make sure that they're getting what they need. But also start prepping for updating your messaging for the next launch because we always want to be in that gathering phase of information. Then there's phase five and phase five is your pre launch.

So you're In this phase in the weeks ahead of your launch period, or anytime you're not actually launching an offer. So during the pre launch, the kinds of things that you're doing would be sharing weekly high value content around topics related to your niche. Or if you're in lunchtime related to your launch, you're sharing your viewpoints, experiences and ideas on emails and social media, you're pitching podcasts, and maybe collaborating with other people or getting in front of other audiences, to really priming your audience with your viewpoints, your information, your expertise, showing your social proof the people you've worked with. And that's all happening on the pre launch phase up to your launch, but also really, again, in between any periods of active launching.

Well, friends, now you know, the five phases of a human centered launch so you can self identify what area you're working on. And now you also have a few action items that you can focus on during each of these phases. And if you want all of the training, copy templates, copy feedback, and action items that go with each of these phases of a launch. Come on over to my group program, the launch playbook club, you'll find the links in the show notes.

Until next time, keep working on your launching. I'm cheering you on. See you next week. Thanks for tuning in to the launch playbook podcast. If you want to get weekly launch secrets in your ears. I hope you'll hit subscribe on iTunes so you'll never miss an episode. Because who knows? It could reveal just a thing you've been looking forward to make your next launch a success. And be sure to leave a five star review on iTunes telling me how this episode inspired your launch plans. Until next time, keep putting your big ideas out into the world. I'm rooting for you


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